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quality work leads to cost savings

from industrial equipment - to construction vehicles - to mining machines

*now a division of Southside Trailer Service Inc.

For more than 50 years, PBS has championed customer loyalty and quality products, serving Central New York and beyond. 


Started in 1970 as Pat’s Brake Service Incorporated in Syracuse, NY, services focused on brakes and brake parts for the truck and bus industry. In 1980, the company shifted from in-house vehicle services to outside parts distribution and became PBS Brake & Supply Corp.


The increase in offered products resulted in phenomenal growth for the company as it expanded into pressure washer sales in 1987. Today, PBS is still known for its wide variety of parts and specialty work. 


“Any kind of brake shoe, any kind of brake project,” owner John Vault says of the custom jobs. “If it stops, we brake it.”


PBS continues to hold its place as the only provider of custom brake relining in the northeast. It also maintains major clients including Byrne Dairy, Crouse-Hinds and school bus fleets all over New York State. From industrial equipment to construction vehicles to mining machines, PBS keeps companies up and running. 


John says the key is quality products (bought within the United States as often as possible), customer loyalty and keeping the inventory full.


“We have it on the shelf,” he says. “You can’t sell off empty shelves and empty promises.”


In-house services include relining brake shoes, brake hose assembly, drum and rotor resurfacing and flywheel grinding. John also boasts that PBS holds the best inventory of brake, safety and lighting equipment, all delivered by a company that continues to be locally and family-owned. 


“I always believe local is better than big companies,” John says. “We hold customer appreciation nights every year and have customers who have been coming here since we opened. Some are second and third generation.”


While loyalty and quality are often overlooked by companies purely focused on the bottom-line, PBS maintains these values and delivers them to their customers with pride knowing that quality work leads to cost savings.  


PBS is more than brakes and supply. It’s a company you can trust. 

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